Our Mission

Ocean Set is an early stage startup focused on organizing the oceans data. We are building services and products to support our mission for ocean data to be the best managed and organized on the planet. We want the oceans data management to be exemplary around the globe. We aspire to be a positive force in the planets ocean data so it becomes the best managed, organized, and most accessible data on the planet. We believe information about the state of our oceans should be available to everyone.

The vision for Ocean Set was born in 2017 with the idea that for the digitalization of oceans to be successful it required a technical reference architecture. This would allow the oceans information exchange to be eased and become well understood by everyone working in the oceans economy. The research for the digitalization of oceans reference architecture continued to the point where actual ocean data and it's movement needed to be observed and captured. As Ocean Set better understood the oceans data capture it became increasingly clear that well managed data movement and a marketplace focused on ocean data was an emerging opportunity needing to be solved. The increasing need of the oceans economy to access, exchange, and analyse the oceans data became the focus of Ocean Set. The ability to allow public and private entities to exchange both proprietary and open data in a safe and secure manner further defined the Ocean Set mission.

Currently Ocean Set has four people working diligently on our mission. Our primary tasks are twofold; first, to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that provides basic ocean data managment through cataloging and notification services for existing data sets and ocean specific algorithms. And secondly, to put in place a company that will support the leadership and human resources required to execute upon our mission.